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Welcome, You have come to a unique shop for matching & buying antique hardware. We specialize in the sale of original antique furniture and architectural hardware in working order.

This is a family owned and run business, we have been buying & selling since 1967. We handle a wide variety of items for antique furniture and architectural applications. We sell genuine antique furniture and house hardware dating between 1680 & 1925. As this is all antique hardware, things are always changing.

Our hardware is all guranteed to be genuine antique unless otherwise noted. The only reproductions we handle are some Hoosier Labels, Mirror Rosettes and good looking reproduction wooden castors but we have plenty of old ones too. All items that we sell are all original as found in working order. If we sell you a lock or latch it will be complete unless you only needed a part of it.

Our web site contains some of the items we carry. As with any antique business, all items are subject to prior sale. It is impossible to list all of the items that we have. Often we find items that are the only ones we've ever seen (in over 30 years.) Other items are much more common, and we usually have them in stock all the time. The best way to find out what we have today is to talk to us.

The shop is usually open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Always call ahead. All hours are set by appointment. Contact us on the web anytime.

More information about us: We have bought and sold antique furniture and smalls from all over the USA and some from across Europe, Asia & Australia. We have sold items to The Chicago Institute of Art and sold items through Christie's, Garth's, Smith's and other national auction houses. We have done antique shows throughout the Midwest and Eastern U.S.A. We have resilvered antique mirrors. We have done museum quality restoration of antique furniture. We have done restorations of entire rooms in many homes. We have done decorative plaster repairs on picture frames circa 1840-1920. string inlay, hand carving, turnings, and have made new parts for antiques from salvaged wood for 1000s of antiques dating between 1650-1940. In addition to this we, with a crew of up to 9 additional people, have also repaired & or stripped and refinished 1000s of pieces of antique furniture. We have done restorations for and/or sold items to noted celebrities and politicians. We have sold items for use on different movie sets (such as one of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies) and for performances (such as parts for one of David Copperfield's props) Our business now specilizes in genuine antique restoration hardware for furniture and architectural use.

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