Statement of Condition of Antique Hardware

Our hardware is all original no reproductions (unless noted).
All items are guaranteed to be authentic.

All parts are Guaranteed Original, reasonably good condition, & working unless noted.
(EXCEPTION... All hardware is used, and as such, it is Not usually in "new" condition.

All hardware is sold as is, with original patina. On occasion; items are repaired with vintage parts to restore to original condition. If springs are bad; they are replaced and restored to good working condition.

Screws & Nails to mount hardware are not always included (except on most drawer pulls) They are available for an extra charge.
Most people already have old screws and nails around plus we seldom get the original screws with hardware when we buy it

Most, if not all, after-market paint is usually (but not always) removed. If you want it refinished to a particular color or finish there is an extra charge for that, unless it's already done, as are many of the cupboard latches

Glass pulls will be in good shape with no chips other than possible minor roughness around the holes or minor dents in brass due to normal wear, unless stated)

We will do our best to send exactly what you order. If you are looking to get exact matches to existing parts, we need to see one, or a good picture w/measurements. Unless you specify differently, when you order antique hardware from us, we will send the best & cleanest condition parts we have (what we would pick for our own use). Sometimes an item is requested with a darker build up of finish to "match the rest in the set" and we will do our best to send the one that matches all of your other parts as best as possible. When ordering complete sets we match best to each other plus the overall best condition.