Robinson's Antiques

119 Lincoln Lake
Lowell, MI. 49331

Phone: 616-374-7750 ~ 616-987-3366

We dont have a open storefront, You cannot show up without calling first

E-Mail Address

Ordering Information

Methods of Payment:
All Major credit cards, however we no longer accept American Express. Checks or Money Orders.
Checks will have a seven day waiting period until they clear.
You have the option of ordering over the telephone over a secure connection.

Order Form: Here is a link to the secure online order form
(Secure Online Order Form)
For anyone who wishes to mail or fax us an order.  Please keep in mind that we can't remove items from inventory until they're paid for.
The sale of any items of antique hardware is subject to prior sale.

Sales Tax:
Michigan customers will be charged Michigan State Sales Tax, unless a valid tax exemption certificate is furnished.

Terms, Conditions & Return Policy
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Catalog: All of the items at our web site are original hardware with the exception of reproduction mirror rosettes, reproduction wooden castors, and a couple reproduction ice box labels. Items change over so often that a hardware catalog would be outdated before we could print it. We are working on a catalog online here, but it will never be complete. The best thing to do is email me a picture of what you need, or mail me a photo-copy along with an s.a.s.e. so we can match yours.

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