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Door Knob Set Screws
Antique Restoration Hardware
New Brass Door Knob Set Screws
Solid brass, 1/4" diameter X 7/16" long 10/24 thread
These are the screws that fit the spindles for the most common style door knobs
Brass, Wood, Porcelain, & Glass used from the early days right up to the present

Price Per Screw: $ 1.25 each Item #Set-Screws
Available: 1000+


Door Knob Set Screws
Antique Restoration Hardware
Door Knob Spacer Washers
To take up the slack between the knobs and backplates
These are that impossible to find narrow rim size with a Large hole Door Knob Spacer
We have these for Regular size, spindles from 1/4" - 9/32" Inside Diameter and the Larger 3/8" Inside Diameter Spindle

Price Per Washer: $ 1.75 each Regular size
Large are $1.99
Item #Washers
Available: Varies


Size Wanted:

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