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Mirror Rosettes

Antique Restoration Hardware, Mirror Rosettes
New Mirror Rosettes
Stamped Solid Brass Rosettes
1" rosette with a hole of about .145 (just over 1/8") in the center
$2.79 ea.

Many Available: Change the quantity to as many as you want/need.
Mirror Rosettes do not come with nails or screws
How to Attach Mirror Rosettes. (see below)
The 1" rosettes are in an "antique gilt" finish

Attaching Rosettes
Mirror Rosettes are mostly decorative but they were used on many mirrors with bolts or wood screws in hanging mirrors in the early 20th century. The way they used to do this was to use a fancy brass rosette with a felt washer behind it on the front side. A brass "round head" screw through the glass and into a back board with a washer &/or a hanging loop for the wire (sometimes just the wire wrapped around the bolt) and washer and nut on the backside of the board. When there was no back board another felt washer went between a metal washer on the back and the glass plus a hanger then the wire is strung through the hanger. Our mirror rosettes will work as the rosette for the front. The brass bolts, steel nuts and washers can be bought at any regular hardware store. Felt you may have or you may find a small scrap/sample piece from a fabric store. Also the rosettes can be attached by a small (brass) round head wood screw, a brass nail, or simply put on with an adhesive if they are decorative only.

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